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Humble Humble Humble beginnings.

The start of Bike X Cape has been a plan in the making for a few years, but finally took form when we eventually decided where we want to operate from. It was important to us to have a base camp smack bang in the middle of our area of operations and we found it. In the Ceres-Karoo. This location could not have been better. It offers gorgeous mountain ranges with passes too many to count, vast open spaces and flat landscapes. It boasts several natural sites, game reserves and wineries not to mention crystal clear pools, rivers and waterfalls.

After our miracle find, we went into overdrive, full throttle so to speak. Slow figures of eight, and idling along in first gear no longer could get us where we needed to go. We have three main reasons to gear up and go - "balls to the wall" as they say. This being our dislike (to place it mildly) for City life/traffic and queues, our intense passion for biking that has become increasingly overwhelming due to the lack of riding space in city life, and our absolute adoration for nature. We longed for open spaces.

We longed for open spaces

Now that we found a spot, we could start working towards our dream and dream whilst we working. Our name was next on the list. Twiddling, researching, and scribbling for over a month to find something fitting. Something that would encompass the whole thing: What we do, the area we operating in and what we are about. Eventually after pages and pages and hours and hours it popped up. Bike as in we will be doing biking all day every day, day in and day out, X for two reasons, the X in motocross as well as a shortened version of across like in covering an area or traveling across the country. and Cape for our area of operation. Whoop-Whoop!!!! And there you have it. Bike X Cape. Your offroad motorcycle tour specialists! Bonus and luck was on our side and this name was not taken on our national business registration base so we could grab it and make it ours! So we did.

I gained some experience in Corel draw from my other business but I am no pro so I started playing with designs thinking we will get someone later to fine tune it.

But not long into my ingenious designing (so I thought) I got stuck and it was time to call in the forces of the powers that be. My better half ...who lives, eats, sleeps and even dreams he is a motorbike (it is not snoring - it is clutch control whilst jumping through the gears) And what does he ask for? A Bike chain! For Goodness sake if only he knew the little detail that goes into this. It is not as if I can pick up a pen and just draw it on paper. I have to tell the silly computer program where to go with all this and as I said I am no pro and completely self trained. At that time I wished for a sprocket rather than a chain but "Ye wish is my command "

Needless to say after a day of frustration and playing I finally got the design done. It was now for the approval from the Induna and I nervously paced through the house huffing and puffing with a few backfiring noises whilst I waited in anticipation for three little words...and FINALY!!! "I like it" Phew, so that was done and I was ecstatic. Like a bike with a new air filter and oil change, ready to concur the world.

There it is in all its glory. The logo that will see us through for hopefully many years to come.

Keep watching this space - next up our fleet, your beds and some fun tour planning!


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