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Route 66 US cf. Route 355 ZA

April 19, 2018

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Route 66 US cf. Route 355 ZA

April 19, 2018

Before anyone get up in arms about the sacrilege that is about to take place, I wish to explain starting with my title.  The abbreviation cf. comes from a Latin word "confer/coferateur" which means "compare"  According to wikipedia it is "recommended that cf. is used only to suggest a comparison"  Further more according to the use of cf. in biological terms it should also only be used  "where the author is confident of the order and family (Diptera: Tabanidae), but can only offer the genus (Tabanus) as a suggestion and has no information favouring a particular species.[6]"  Thus, I am suggesting a comparison but can only offer Route 355 as a suggestion because I don't have any information/experience traveling Route 66 thus cannot be favoring a particular route over the other.  My Love for South Africa and the Tankwa Karoo however allows me to voice my biased opinion which is all in favor of our Route 355.


In order to make a fair comparison, it would be safe to start by first listing similarities. 

Route 66                                                       Route 355

Longest road in US                                      Longest dirt road between two towns in SA

Go through several states                          Goes through 2 provinces

Festivals and events                                     Annual events i.e. Africa Burn and Bike burn

Runs through a desert                                 Is in a semi desert region

So with similarities that is so far apart one can only wonder how any comparison can be made.  If you are a biker at heart the answer is easy.  It is not the destination we travel to but the scenery, the people, the experience and the space that our chosen roads offer.  We take what we are given and make it our own version of a similar place. As an off road motorcyclist enthusiast and tour company owner, Route 355 is my Route 66 and here is why.


#1   Like the R66 my R355 is a long, and feels like a never ending road where you can go for miles without seeing a living soul.


R66 US                                                                    R355  ZA 


#2  You are almost guaranteed to find some surprising unexpected animals en-route as in this picture of the donkeys.


R66 US                                                                     R355 ZA