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Route 66 US cf. Route 355 ZA

April 19, 2018

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Tankwa Tales - Part 2

February 2, 2018


Endless roads in the Tankwa




It was about 11am when we left for one of our offroad motorcycle tours. We carefully planned for this trip to also coincide with the new moon exactly as it would be for our visitors.  Little did we know at the beginning of this route that the last minute Google mapping changes we made (only to include a spectacular mountain pass) was going to be the longest hardest day of all.  What added to our wows, was the fact that our city sleeking bodies miraculously and very suddenly suffered of Alzheimer's.  Our muscles had forgotten what it takes to ride on the dirt. All the challenges that come with city riding does not prepare your mind or your body for an unplanned extended journey like this.




We rode past Inverdoorn Game reserve and before long we reached the beautiful Amandelnek "kloof "  Riding through the mountains with cliffs and overhangs and ravines. As we left the Kloof behind we were faced with a challenge.  A massive dust storm sweeping across the dirt road, leaving everything full of sand.  Our red beast quickly turned into a desert camouflaged sandy brown color and I am almost certain seeing a tiny pile of sand next to where my "client" placed his helmet.








The view halfway up Ouberg Pass is breathtakingly spectacular!