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Route 66 US cf. Route 355 ZA

April 19, 2018

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ATGATT - All the gear all the time

September 21, 2018

Some of you might ask what is the point of going on a "head space trip" when one of the non negotiable requirements, is to wear an object on your head that leaves you with feeling anything like the so called promised "head space" ride of your life!


 This is a much debated topic for quite a few motorcyclist as the "old school bikers" grew up riding in shorts, flip flops and some of them even bare chested.  I myself have done the deed just like that, and I have come short a few times as well.  My all time favorite, wearing skimpy shorts something similar to flip flops and a spaghetti strap top whilst playing on my daughter's little 50cc four stroke.  Needless to say, mother earth and I connected in ways you cannot imagine and she left me with quite a few roasties to nurse for a week or two.  These eventually turned into scars which I not so proudly wear today, as they bare witness to my tumble on my daughter's bike of all things. 


Here in South Africa at the home of Bike X Cape we love to keep our guests happy so we have done some research.  You will find awesome gear, that will leave you feeling nothing but comfortable, is lightweight but durable, and most important, provide you with the safety that you need.



Protect that head


 Let's start with the most important piece of gear you will ever own!  Helmets.  We all have our likes and dislikes, colors etc. but we at Bike X Cape have chosen Spirit as our supplier and have extensively tested their helmets ourselves.   We are therefor confident that we have chosen a provider that will not only give you the best possible helmet, but also at the best price.  Of all helmets in this price range it is by far the best fitted helmet, has the least noise, and is light weight, affordable and off course manufactured and supplied by a proudly South African company.   Comfort is further enhanced by the light breathable removable interior fabric. Cleaning of this is also very easy, remove inners, turn the 2 peak screws until completely loose, remove peak,  place helmet back on head, jump in the shower and voilà! 


Bike X Cape has a few Spirit helmets available to hire for the duration of your trip however stock is limited due to various size requirements.  Should you elect to rather purchase gear upon your arrival, we will ensure a "stop to shop" at  Spirit Motorcycle Accessories store, in order for you to select your gear.  Below you will find a selection of  Spirit Off road helmets at R1999.00 and Adventure helmets starting from R1599.00.